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  1. Thank you for the very helpful replies alvarnell and treed.
  2. Thanks. After the Malwarebytes scan was finished it showed "threats found and deleted" and listed the keylogger program and some adspigot thing. It said i needed to restart so I did. I have quarantined files too, but I didn't clear those yet. I got the search engine fixed
  3. I did my first malwarebytes scan and it found the PUP.Aobo Keylogger it quarantined and deleted it automatically. I never installed any keylogger so I'm wondering if this is a malicious program and what I should do. The only thing i can think of that could have installed this is that recently i installed some program and afterwards my browser would always hijack the search engine and i could never reset it to google. After i followed the malware removal process it told me to do a mawarebytes scan and i found this. Also, If it is PUP, why did malwarebytes delete it?
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