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  1. Treed, Your post explains a lot and I thank you a lot - I believe Malwarebytes is great company. The program has bailed me out a few times over the years. With this iPad which I have had for a couple of years I have not had problems with pop ups until last week when I got one that said something like you have 30 plus viruses, do not delete this message or shut down the computer. I x’d out of the screen and have not had any problems since. That’s when I started looking into Malwarebytes for the iPad. Thanks again for your support, Hank Beaudet
  2. OK, I have a contract and am using malwarebytes on two laptops. Can I also use the program on my iPad? If yes, how do I make it happen? If no, can I download a free program for the iPad? If the program is free will I be asked for a credit card number? Thanks, Hank
  3. Can I use Malwarebytes on my IPad - not phone?
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