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  1. ZIP file attached. Didn't see that option earlier. Peter artur.dubovoy@gmail.com - Copy.zip
  2. Hi, This is a bit odd: I have Malwarebytes set to run a threat scan every day at 17:00 EDT with update beforehand. Today it reported ARTUR.DUBOVOY@GMAIL.COM.XPI which is dated 3/20/2019 on my hard disk, and when I open it as a ZIP file everything is dated 3/18/2019 13:47. Nothing unusual in the manifest.json, but I didn't dig around further. Thought it might be a false positive because it only showed up today, with the latest updates installed. Peter -Log Details- Scan Date: 5/8/19 Scan Time: 5:00 PM Log File: 3e2cb0ea-71d4-11e9-b5a0-30b5c203ed65.json -Software I
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