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  1. Ive sent you the logs in private message, because I didn't know what sort of information the log was collecting.
  2. Ive been on my pc, and whenever checking task manager, the CPU is around anywhere to 50-90 percent when opening, then quickly shoots back down. Along with this, I have noticed that my malwarebytes just completely skips over the registry check on the virus scans. I have attached both the files on this topic to help explain what I mean. Is this something that I should be looking into? MBF1.mp4 MBF2.mp4
  3. Welp, thanks for the help Coldly, I'm sure it was just a mistake. As I stated earlier about the FarBar though is that it's blocked by the Blue Screen warning, and to be honest I would rather just find their website and get it directly from there, if possible. As to the uninstall thing, I just went into the uninstall App's and Features (built directly into windows) to uninstall it, I did that a few hours ago.
  4. So Coldly, from what I'm understanding from what your saying is, that Windows Defender was just making a silly mistake and there should be no worries for it? As to nasdaq, I tried installing installing Far Bar, and I got the clssic "Dont run unless you trust this" screen. Is there any website that FarBar has that I could get a direct download?
  5. Woops, I'm very sorry, I meant to close this I believe. Windows Defender removed it almost immediately after I posted this, and rescanning with Malwarebytes, my PC seemed to be fine. Sorry for the inconvenience nasdaq.
  6. I was out doing some errands and when I got back I had some new PC notifications. While looking through, I saw this weird virus message, and when I went to look it came up with this. https://gyazo.com/3099d5d838b8a485b84a7300fbf675c4 Is this trying to say that Process Hacker 2 is a virus, or is it some other external program?
  7. Thanks for the amazing help. I've just been so paranoid because this isn't the first time stuff like this has happened. Last questions before I go, was their a windows update today? Because all my shut down/sleep/restart setting looks very different.
  8. Scan just finished, and I have shut of my games since then and here is the report you asked for. malb.txt
  9. Ok. I turned off my michrophone and am waiting for the scan results. I originally found the logo in the bottom right but since I turned off my michrophone it has since gone away. Was this an overreaction do you think?
  10. I was just playing video games with my friend, and I checked my hidden icons menu to shut any backrounds progams off. When checking this I saw something called D3DProxyWindows and it seems like it is recording my voice. Wtf lol
  11. Just finimbar-log-2019-07-05 (14-10-29).txtshed scanning and "No malware found. Thank you for your help, and as requested. Anything still lookin off?
  12. So i was checking my Task manager today and saw some weird foreign items. I decided to check my netstat and this popped up. Anything look suspicious to anyone? Proto Local Address Foreign Address State TCP ESTABLISHED [UserEdgeService.exe] TCP ESTABLISHED [Haste.exe] TCP ESTABLISHED [nvcontainer.exe] TCP ESTABLISHED [nvcontainer.exe] TCP 192.16
  13. So I was updating windows, and didn't notice it was updating. I then had to get back on and reinstall the update. While nothing seemed to change, my computer made a Windows.Old folder for some reason and I can't delete it. Also, my Tamper Protection was off after the update. I have scanned my computer and no threats were found but I am still concerned about why both of these things happened.
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