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  1. Hi, Revo Uninstaller Portable couldn't find Avira, the program to remove, because I already removed it the 'normal' way and I guess it can't trace any leftovers. By using the tool Junkfiles cleaner of Revo it found several . I didn't remove any of them, because I don't know what they mean, its always about trusting a certain kind of software. I made a screenshot of it for you to see if they are actually 'junk'files which can savely be deleted. Fixlog.txt
  2. Hi, I explained to a prof. trustworthy source and asked how to uninstall Avira completely. he recommended to uninstall everything first through the normal Win7 way and then with an regCleaner specially for Avira. https://singularlabs.com/uninstallers/security-software/ > [04] Avira AntiVir > Info > Tool (Note: This tool is meant to be used after a normal uninstall of Avira and a reboot) I tried to use it but it said - after I unpacked the .zip in WinRAR - it couldn't start the program becaus the mfc100.dll was missing! It would be solved by restarting the program. I didn't managed to do it, because I haven't got the faintest idea what it means. Because I uninstalled everything from Avira the normal way I used the CCleaner reg. cleaner to get rid of all the Avira reg. bits.- after making a back up of it first. I HOPE all the Aivra registry is gone now! Now Windows Defender is my [temporary] antivirus progr. which I also updated. And I also erased all the Aivra apps in my browser.
  3. By the way: The passwords in G.Chr. are still available. And in the meantime I had to change my Facebook password AGAIN the old one didn't function no more because of unknown reasons. And my standard search engine was changed to Google again, I used Startpage.com. I had to change it back again. And I couldn't find the Avira Uninstall tool on the Avira site. Is there anòther save way to get rid of this awful Avira completely ???? Regards, painter
  4. Hi, straight after doing the fix Avira installed two extentions again on my browser. I couldn't find the Password export flag in chrome://flags. Maybe its under another name?? I think I will remove Avira completely, because its getting too annoying. And in the meantime i could use Windows defender. Would Avast be a good alernative ?? And I also want to remove the shortcuts you mentioned in your last post. Can I use CCleaner and Malwarebytes again?? Or do I have to wait for eventual next steps to take with you ? Regards, Painter Fixlog.txt
  5. I've undertaken no action, because you said not to do anything in the meantime. Regrads, Painter
  6. Hi, In the meantime sound has disappeared in browser Google chrome. And on my desktop program to oranise desktop OrganiZen has disappeared.
  7. Hi, Here are the fresh logs as attachements. And in the meantime this happened; Password Facebook no longer worked.Had to make a new password. AdBlocker app was gone along with a number of other extentions. The passwords of Tumblr and Twitter still work. Maybe I should change that too. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  8. Hallo Nasdaq, First thanks foor your help! After i followed your instructions the pc rebooted and then I opened Google Chrome where i noticed that Avira had installed twò extentions again: The three dots on the upper right side of the browser screen, the 3 vertical dots (Menu), to go to the settings are now disappeared! The Avira extentions are Safe Search and Browser Safety [ if I'm not mistaken]. In stead of the 3 vertical dots Google Chrome now shows an orange exclamation mark, that leads me to the settings, due to the agressive installation of the Avira extentions I guess. I see that all òther extentions are GONE and the only ones left are the Avira Browser Safety and the Avira Passwort manager ! So thàt has changed: earlier I only got the Avira SafeSearch !! And according to AdwCleaner the Avira Safesearch was a threat. [ PUP.Optional.Legay ?] As an attachement you'll find my Fixlog.txt. Regards, Painter Fixlog.txt
  9. After I've scanned my pc with AdwCleaner it detects a PUP.Optional....[forgot the last word]. After cleaning and reboot Google Chrome re-instals Avira Safesearch plus, without my consent. Could you help me to get rid of it permanently?? TnX Addition.txt AdwCleaner[C06].txt FRST.txt Malwarebytes scan.txt
  10. Hi there, I have exactly the same problem!! Avira SafeSearch Plus tends to come back after the AdwCleaner scan en cleaning. Could you also help me? Regards, painter AdwCleaner[C05].txt
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