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  1. Thank you - can you let me know how it was blocked in the first place? Is there something I can do to avoid this happening again? Appreciate your help.
  2. Well that is not my experience. Are you from Malwarebytes? Is this an official response from Malwarebytes and how do I go about getting the site removed from the list? If I take the site out of my Malwarebytes Premium exclusion list I am still blocked. You can understand my confusion having had my post moved to a beta program thread that I'm not even part of. I've also been contacted by some of our customers that do not use Chrome and are being blocked with the same message.
  3. ok, I'm not using any Malwarebytes Chrome extension, I'm using Malwarebytes Premium. So you mean the browser extension list that is used by the premium software?
  4. I'm confused why this was moved? Before I added sdrplay.com to my exclusion list, I couldn't use Putty or FTP and I was blocked in both Chrome and Edge Something I'm missing?
  5. sdrplay.com please review and remove from being blocked. Thanks, SDRplay Limited
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