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  1. Hey Kevin, That's what I did right after I saw that. The two services I narrowed it down to are not in the service list anymore after cleaning up everything on my computer.
  2. Hey, I've waited a few days to see if anything would happen. Nothing showed up while in clean boot mode. After uninstalling and cleaning up everything not needed on my computer I haven't seen anything. Hopefully its gone, if there is anything else to do, let me know!
  3. Hey Kevin, Unfortunately nothing was found. I would also like to note that sometimes the program starts and sometimes it doesn't. Not sure if that's anything of help, but I would like to tell you that.
  4. Hey Kevin, Here's the logs you asked for. mbar-log-2020-05-31 (01-31-55).txt system-log.txt
  5. Hey, I wasn't sure when to pause the capture, so I left it running until the file was too big to upload. Also I started this after the blank program already started since usually the blank task takes a minute to start. Logfile.zip
  6. It shows up as just normal svchost.exe. DESKTOP-VAN7SK6.zip
  7. Hey, Once again nothing showed up in mrt.log, but the scan found nothing. After a few days of not seeing the program it came back even after running the new fixlist. https://gyazo.com/c0f44a525088e857388586af45f03c63 Fixlog.txt
  8. Hey, thanks for the continued help. Heres the virustotal link: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/564dc7b0acb013436d187ee0c703d36b02f6ac98bf6ffc327aa16d4141dc36dc/detection
  9. Hey! Thanks again for the reply. Since running the fixlist I haven't seen anything on my PC even after multiple restarts and waiting for anything to happen, which is good. The only problem is that nothing got saved to the mrt.log, just a scan from a week ago. The only detection that came from running MSRT was VirTool:Win32/DefenderTamperingRestore, which got detected every time I restarted my PC. Anyway, i'll link the other two files since only old scans are saved to mrt.log. Fixlog.txt DESKTOP-VAN7SK6.zip
  10. Hey, thanks for the reply Kevin! Here are all the logs you asked for. mwb.txt adw.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  11. Another one opened while I was playing a game, it was using almost all of my gpu.
  12. I have a blank task in task manager that says its svchost taking at max 40% gpu and 15% cpu, but uses less gpu when something else is using the gpu. I just noticed this today and neither Malwarebytes or Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit found anything on my pc. I can't figure out what the problem is and would love some help. Also I don't want to reset my pc if at all possible.
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