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  1. hi, I have used your "mb-support-" tool and I have use the "advanced --> clean" option in my SSD because it says "... backups your premium license to your desktop..." but now I am not able to re-active it in my ssd neither in the nmve Greetings
  2. Hi, thanks for the quick answer. I have another license from another pc (a gaming pc). If in the problematic pc (my daily pc) I do a "change license key", does it automatically deactivate my problematic ID/LICENSE? As I say, I have two different license, but I don't remember the mail associated with the one that now I can not deactivate. Greetings
  3. Hi, first of all sorry for my English. I am making an upgrade from one of my two PCs. The upgrade is to move Windows from an standard SSD to a new NVME. I have cloned the original disk to the new NVME but I forgot to deactivate my ID/LICENSE before doing it. Now, In my new NVME, everything is ok but malwarebytes tells me that my ID/LICENSE is already in use. After a few hours I have just remembered that I did no deactivate my ID/LICENSE in the the SSD. Fortunately, I have both disks, the old SSD and the NVME. I have force to boot from the old SSD and there, malwarebytes is
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