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  1. Wow man, this sucks! Sorry to hear that this is happening to you. I work as the IT guy for my church and we have a community center that had this exact same thing happen and it was determined to be a virus. From what I recall it disables JavaScript to bypass security checks. Because those security checks aren't happening it can wreak havoc on your browser and connection in general. As Sys Restore is tied to the OS, any issues with the OS are going to subsequently affect Sys Restore's ability to function. This is one of the pitfalls of Sys Restore, it's only effective if there's no problems! What we ended up doing is restoring from a disk image, implementing a better firewall, and replacing Sys Restore with Rollback Rx Home. It's free but works much better than Sys Restore. If you don't have a disk image it might be best to back up what data you can and re-install the OS.
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