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  1. No. I have not had a problem. Because showfoto is a sister to DigiKam, which gave me problems earlier this year, I thought it worthwhile to ask about it.
  2. I wonder if the stand alone photo editor showfoto.exe is similarly whitelisted. I am including a zip of the exe file. showfoto.zip
  3. Here is a zip file with only the digikam.exe file. You can find the downloads at https://www.digikam.org/download/ I hope you can help me unravel this distraction from other enjoyable and productive tasks. digikam.zip
  4. I have also added the other exe files in the DigiKam program folder. Must I also add all the various dll files that are in use? I very much wish to use this program. Someone suggested that software developers may have to pay to be white-listed. DigiKam is open-source through KDE, and their developers have said they would never have the money to pay for this. I wonder if this is so. MalwareBytes flag DigiKam as ransomware.txt
  5. In mid-March and again April 26, 2019 Malware bytes flagged my DigiKam 6.1.0 as ransomware. It quarantined both the exe file and the desktop shortcut with no warning and no messages afterward. One of the DigiKam team suggested that an antivirus might be behaving this way. Today I looked in the quarantine list and noted that Malwarebytes had indeed quarantined the program file. This seems strange to me because DigiKam has been available for many years, and I've used it for many years. I suspect that the Malwarebytes flag may be partially responsible for DigiKam behavior that prevents me from tagging images, marking pick data or marking color labels. The files show no signs of having accepted the changes in status; new tags specifically are not accepted in the DigiKam environment. I did add exclusions for both the DigiKam folder and the exe file, rebooted and tried again to no avail. Wierd!
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