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  1. Thank you so much. Now Everything is good. Thanks again Тhe topic ended with SUCCESS
  2. I run Windows defender offline and scan my pc Now I can open Windows Defender and Windows Update windows_defender_operational_export_all_events_logs.txt
  3. When I restart pc, windows defender icon is green, then click on Windows Defender Offline scan - click scan ,and after a minute the icon of Windows Defender is Red(Your virus & threat protection is managed by your organisation) and no option in Windows Defender
  4. OK. I did this... but same problem -cannot open Windows Defender
  5. chrome cleanup tool didn`t find any malware And when I open "Windows Security" There isn`t any option
  6. There is a problem with new malwarebytes SCAN and cannot see Windows Defender in Update and Security settings Malwarebytes scan 23_05_2019_19_49_h.txt
  7. Above is done Malwarebytes scan 23_05_2019_19_33_h.txt
  8. All above is done Fixlog.txt mbar-log-2019-05-23 (06-57-36).txt system-log.txt
  9. OK. But when I double click on malwarebytes icon on my desktop, it doesn`t start
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