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  1. I found the solution, which was probably too easy to come up with. Excluding drive as a folder. Duhhh... Thanks
  2. I would like to exclude external USB drive from scans. I use it as a storage for my old backups and libraries. It is basically redundant job for hundred thousands of files. I can't find it in the settings. Another thing: In the user interface getting into settings by using highlighted date next to scheduled scans is completely counter-intuitive. Thanks!
  3. Thanks it is gone. The only issue I noticed is the fact, that sometimes updates do not happen automatically. I have a scan running every hour, and update wasn't reported or applied. The weird thing is that to access schedule I need to click on date (???) and there are no intermediate steps between 1 hour and 1 day.
  4. Hi @Porthos. I was too happy too early. After restarting it is still recognizing different IP: Thanks!
  5. Hi @Porthos! Thanks for your suggestion. I had correct database - needed restart. BTW - My PC was started couple hours ago It is ok now.
  6. Hi! Today I'm receiving multiple blocks while not actively using any applications. Some of them refer to \Skypeapp.exe on domain said lgin.msa.trafficmanager.net ( not login ! ) IP addresses seem to belong to Microsoft: It pops up on my PC every couple minutes. Should I exclude it? Thanks!
  7. It doesn't look like the installed software 4.0.4 premium checks for the presence or web extension and its version. Last couple weeks I ran an old version, and I was never notified, that new version is available. Also self-checking. It should recognize, that newer version was released. In the situation of maintaining it on a few computers it is really painful. Thanks for the updates. I'm with MB for a long time and I look forward for using your products. Jack.
  8. Hi @AdvancedSetup Thanks for your quick response and assistance. I'm working on the following domains, I'm sure .info is falsely blocked in Chrome. There is for sure a problem with second one, but I cleaned up some data and I don't remember which one was having problems. All registrations are on Google Domains. furatus.info - blocked ; "Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain scam activity." Could you please assure, that in the future following domains won't have this problem? furatus.fun furatus.com furatus.net furatus.org All my MB licenses are on the account f****2@gmail.com Thank you very much for your help!
  9. Thanks Ron for the surprisingly quick response I will follow your directions.
  10. I'm working on couple top level domains on Blogger. The domains are registered on Google. MB extension blocks some of them. How should I set it up, so they don't cause these errors? Thanks! ------------------------------------------- Website blocked due to a suspicious top level domain (TLD) Website blocked: www.xxxxxxx.info Malwarebytes Browser Guard blocked this website because it may contain scam activity. We strongly recommend you do not continue. I want to continue to this site anyway Do not block this site again for scam What is a suspicious top level domain (TLD)? Possible suspicious activity encompasses a variety of behaviors that are commonly attributed to technical support scams, cryptojacking, browser hijacking, and other types of harmful, risky, and potentially unwanted objects. Learn even more...
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