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  1. Here is the ADW text. Apparently it didn't find anything, but I did the basic repair anyway. Attached are the FRST files. Also the Malwarebytes I ran before - and I do have Malwarebytes 3. I'm aware that TeamViewer is open, as a friend is walking me thru the process. It did seem to start up a little faster when I rebooted between steps 2 & 3. But still dragging after the desktop icons appear, when trying to open any program. Craig W. Addition.txt FRST.txt MW 4-25-19.txt
  2. Suddenly my computer started to take up to 10 minutes to boot up - used to be 2-3 minutes. I have run Malwarebytes and found nothing that it couldn't remove, and subsequent runs show nothing. I have the free version, with "scan for rootkits" turned on. There seem to be too many instances of Chrome running when viewed with Task Manager (11-15) and also many other programs that are NOT in Startup. I'm attaching today's threat run of Malwarebytes, hoping you can find something - or tell me the next thing I should check. Craig W. MW 4-25-19.txt
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