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  1. Yes I have another clean computer I'm using, scanned it with MWB and Avast to make sure and both came up as negative for anything. But also, I ran MWB on the original computer and it said no threats were detected. Also, a folder labeled UPECHMRH was where the .exe's were (Both .exe names were UPECHMRH.exe and VDSUHNA.exe). After MWB said it did not detect any threats, I went to the folder and was able to access them (previously I wasn't able to with this folder and a couple more folders) and delete them.  After that I ran RKILL.  Also here is the fixlog text.


  2. Hello, 

    So a couple of weeks ago I downloaded an unsafe torrent and got a virus. While I initially thought I got it fixed, yesterday I ran MWB and was informed my computer was infected with Trojan.Yelloader. I quarantined it and then restarted the PC as prompted. But after running a second scan, it seems like MWB was unable to delete. How can I get this off of my PC? 

    Thank you,


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