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  1. Here you go. AdwCleaner[C05].txt yup.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. Kaspersky has finished and it looks like they weren't viruses but I deleted everything related to the items just in case anyways. But, windows defender said again there was a threat detected. The second photo is of the latest one.
  3. Also, once FRST reset the PC and I let it boot normally, FRST did not repoen or anything.
  4. I would also like to let you know that I didn't save the fixlist.txt file to my desktop but to my usb and ran it there, should I trying again but this time save fixlist.txt and FRST to the desktop?
  5. Would you like me to get logs for Kaspersky or Windows Defender? I'm not sure how to do either, sorry. Also, Kaspersky is still scanning.
  6. Thank you, the antivirus you provided is still scanning finals but it says it did detect 1 object and also while running the antivirus windows defender popped up and said it detected a couple threats. Names of them are Trojan:Win32/Occamy.C, Trojan:Win32/SquareNet.Q, and Trojan:Win64/Detrahere.S
  7. Here you go. Addition.txt Fixlog.txt FRST.txt
  8. Yes I have another clean computer I'm using, scanned it with MWB and Avast to make sure and both came up as negative for anything. But also, I ran MWB on the original computer and it said no threats were detected. Also, a folder labeled UPECHMRH was where the .exe's were (Both .exe names were UPECHMRH.exe and VDSUHNA.exe). After MWB said it did not detect any threats, I went to the folder and was able to access them (previously I wasn't able to with this folder and a couple more folders) and delete them. After that I ran RKILL. Also here is the fixlog text. Fixlog.txt
  9. Sorry about that, hopefully I did it right this time. I waited until the command prompt to put it in this time. But I noticed that in the log that there is a note that says if it the system is bootable I must run FRST in either normal or safe mode. Should I try to run FRST in safe mode instead of recovery mode since my system is bootable? FRST.txt
  10. Here the text report files: Threat Scan Report.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt
  11. Hello, So a couple of weeks ago I downloaded an unsafe torrent and got a virus. While I initially thought I got it fixed, yesterday I ran MWB and was informed my computer was infected with Trojan.Yelloader. I quarantined it and then restarted the PC as prompted. But after running a second scan, it seems like MWB was unable to delete. How can I get this off of my PC? Thank you, Unidirectional
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