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  1. Hi Team, Unable to connect the database when we are migrate the MBMC from one server to another server. We got the error message connected with old server. But old server Malware bytes management console uninstalled from that. We need quick response from your term.
  2. Hi, Kindly someone look into this issue please. Regards, Sukumar V
  3. These files suspect infected in my Environment. But Malware bytes not capture.
  4. Again add that file. please check and confirm Attachment.xlsx
  5. Hi Team I have malware bytes version V 1.9 my environment. Here lot of Spyware& Adware not detected by Malware bytes. We have faced lot of inbound/Outbound traffic based these malicious files. I have attached the list of files and go through and share the update. We have installed the Malware bytes latest clients to all affected systems and it’s up to date. And also please confirm why it’s not detected by Malware bytes. Please respond back ASAP. Consolited List.xlsx
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