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  1. @miekiemoes, thank you, I can confirm that deleting HubbleCache causes MalwareBytes to no longer warn about this application. Thank you. Any idea how long it would take for this change to normally propagate, so that you don't have to delete it (on other machines, for other people etc.)
  2. If you download the Deploy.zip from this project: https://github.com/Ben136KBC/CodeXCavator2 Then malwarebytes identifies it as a machine learning thread. This is a code indexing tool, I work on developing it, all the code everything is available, there is nothing malicious. (The same goes for the original version which you can get from here: https://sourceforge.net/p/codexcavator/wiki/Home/ ) Please see if there is a way to avoid this false positive? Thank you.
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