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  1. jeeze, i just answered this, went past test, n sent. n now i c nothing of my answer. thank u 4 ur efforts that i don't have the savvy 2 implement. i'd tought that Apple computers 'd improve since my 1st 1 in 2000.but all their impovements went with phones n then pads n they sidled in with B Gates stuff n google 4 the computers... big screen smart tv???
  2. helloThomas, so, in the future, i do not clear quarantines... Thanks a lot, :o)))
  3. phew! it took all that time 2 dawn on me 2 look in Applications 4 that page. This is the result in the first screen shot. then i clickd on Reports, in case it's of any use.
  4. how/where do i find the Quarantine tab? everything recorded before Easter's cleaned out. & it was a few days later that i realized this & then recalled the notice from Malwarebytes.that files had been quarantined, but can't recall the specifics.
  5. i think quarantine erased data i had put in my calendar. is it possible to restore the information i had put in it?
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