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  1. Last time I sent you my reply, I shutdown my machine afterwards. I was going to leave it running, but it wanted to do a Windows update. When I booted it up today to run the TreeSize utility to wanted me to run, my free space was down to 130 something. I think by the time I ran TreeSize, it had jumped up to 140 something. It has actually been steady at 142 Gig since then. Here are 4 TreeSize images.
  2. The problem is not solved. I had a 183 Gigabytes free last night, but that quickly dropped to 182 Gigabytes and continued to drop. I was doing nothing on the machine except watching it drop. I then shutdown the machine. Today, I turned it back on and after about an hour and a half, it is down to 175 Gigabytes free and I've done nothing on the machine. Is there anything else you can do to help me get rid of whatever is chewing up my hard drive space? If I were to leave it on for a few days, all of that free space would be gone again. Do you have anything that can check for rootkits or polymorphic or armored viruses?
  3. I followed your instructions. FRST64 did end up telling me the machine needed to be rebooted. It caused chkdsk to run upon reboot. It also gave me back 183 GB of disk space. I can't tell you how happy I am to see that. Thank you so much for all of you help thus far. Fixlog.txt
  4. Here are the files you asked for. It is very unlikely that this is normal Windows operation. I've done a lot of troubleshooting and I have a lot of experience in the field. I cleared out some of my caches, I cleanup the disk on a weekly basis including the system files, I've turned off indexing, I've checked my hard drive, I've defragged, I've deleted hundreds of gigabytes of data and the drive always fills right back up. In a matter of days or weeks. I had to delete nearly several hundred megabytes of data just to install what you wanted me to install because I was sitting a 0 bytes of free disk space again. Anyway, thank you so much for your help. By the way, after I selected clean and repair and then clean and reboot for AdwCleaner, it did not bring up the log file after the reboot. But I found them and attached them, then ran Farbar like you asked. Thanks again for the help, I'm getting really frustrated with this problem. Addition.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt FRST.txt mwbThreadScanReport.txt
  5. My hard drive keeps filling up even if I delete files (even lots of large ones). I think I must be infected with malware. I've seen a few strange things in the Windows event viewer that led me to another thread on this site and I'd like some help clearing my computer of whatever malware is keeping my hard drive at capacity. I ran a free malwaybytes scan, but it didn't find anything.
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