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  1. INot really no. In the log, there was listed that there was a man in the middle attack. I remember seeing it right after I ran the scan, but after I ran the scan it was edited. I k ow this because I sent them to another support resource and there was a bunch of stuff missing. There is definitely something amiss. I definitely have a problem, 1 there is RPC rpcss sercices running and they were set in the registry so I couldn’t edit the service. The hacker is local, I had a log that showed someone entering my home and connecting my router wan Ethernet and it logged a new ip then was active for three hours, then disconnected. When I contacted VZ they recognized there was something wrong but they didn’t know what, but the wanlog file was deleted from documents and edited in downloads to make it look like I never in plugged my wan port. Afther I ran the scan I had to shut down to protect any evidence because while they do clean up after themselves it’s not perfect hence me finding this stuff, however they hacked everything I had 5 laptops desktop 4 phones. The phones were automatically infecting via nfc. I am saying that while your saying I’m good I know I’m not. It’s was good for a few minutes then it came back. So I believe there is a local network that has mirrored my network. So while the addresses look legit thats not the issue. Someone managed to be a man in the middle. It’s not gone. My other laptop I used the same scan then decided to look in the reg. I found the entries for rpc. It was good for the night then they got back in and added 1000 replica entries so I can’t manually remove them. They block my rights so I have to edit that the edit the reg. I’m these are two pics I took of the reg, they may be nothing, but the other stings had user permissions from some type of app and they kept me from stopping rpc, now they went deeper into reg and I can’t stop rpc dcom
  2. That’s weird. I spoke to the techs there and it’s supposed to be dhcp for dns, and default gateway should be listed as the private router address. It won’t allow me to make changes, I’m fairly certain there is a redirect somewhere in the router, what am I supposed to do now?
  3. Someone put a vicious virus on my network. I had proof that someone entered my house and plunged in my GB uplink while out, when I contacted Verizon they denied having access to my password and every time I call I bring that up so it’s been verified 5times. The logs were deleted and the original download was edited to make it look like I never unplugged the link. This transpired while I was in the phone with them. They send me a new router and when I inbox it the physical router cover was detached and the bag covering it was sliced open. I tried it anyway but of course as soon as I uplink it downloads fake dns servers and default GW. I actually was using my other router thinking I beat it and then as soon as I was debating installing the new one I tried to change the dns settings and it started back taking control of my computer and my iPhone that’s not even on the WiFi network. I have a separate laptop on public WiFi for basics and every time I use my computer or phone it stops the public from working. I tried to get into GP and hack away but. It denies root access. It’s like they installed a Linux malware where even if I take ownership and delete a driver or fake device it will just reinstall itself at some point. I’ve been dealing with many problems with my apartment building and my old union where I have video evidence of all kinds of messed up stuff, and now this, but no one will listen. No authority will help. This last part is the scary part for me but I reluctant for the computer issue. I know someone has been in my apartment Because I had a wan log retrieving an up while I was out. It used it for a few hours then pulled the link out again and dropped the ip. But the log was edited to make it look like I never took it out. I really need help. Dns addressees dg
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