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  1. Hi, It's been 2 days since I created a support ticket and I still have received no response other than the automated acknowledgement. I bought this software with a lifetime license in 2012 and have only installed it on one PC. The same PC that the 3.7.1 update decided to blacklist. I found a copy of the original purchase order and can provide it if someone responds to my support ticket. I love this software which is why I originally purchased the lifetime license. Until this problem is resolved I won't feel secure browsing on the internet. Could someone please figure out why after 7 years of use on the same PC the 3.7.1 update blacklisted my lifetime license? Thanks.
  2. I found my original box, CD and license activation ID & Key from 2011. When I tried to activate the software using it I get a message that my key has been blacklisted. This issue only happened with the most recent 3.7.1 build 10240 update. That update blacklisted my valid lifetime license. I can't remember if I had registered this key or what email I used 8 years ago when I purchased the software so I created a new account on My.Malwarebytes.com and tried to register the key and I got an error message redirecting me to a support page that doesn't exist. I created another Malwarebytes Support Ticket (# 2590927) since I haven't received anything other than automated responses from Malwarebytes support. I included a photo of the original box, CD and license card with the support ticket to prove that I bought and have owned the software since 2011. Could someone please fix this issue ASAP? I love this software and I don't feel safe using the internet without it backing up my paid antivirus software.
  3. I have the same problem. Upgrade to 3.7.1 deactivated my lifetime license. Where do I find my old key to try and re-enter it?
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