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  1. Thank you for your answer. But when I went to to https://my.malwarebytes.com/en/login and logged in, I watch a text called Add licence. If I select this hipertext I could write a license code I have bought prevoiously, but I can't use it to buy the second license. Where could I buy the second license code cheaper as I watched on Malwarebytes website?
  2. Good evening; About two years ago I bought a license for Malwarebytes Premium for my computer from the Malwarebytes website. I'm interested to buy a second license for Malwarebytes Premium, but I have two question to decide what could I do: - I have a license for a Computer and now I want to install Malwarebytes Premium in a Laptop with a license. Could I use in the laptop the Malwarebyte license I have when I do not use the license on my computer? or Must I buy a new license to use the license for the laptop? - I see on the Malwarebytes website that a second license is 10% cheaper if I already have a license purchased from the Malwarebytes website. About two years ago I already bought a license for Malwarebyte website, but I do not know how to buy the second license in that way, worth 10% cheaper. The Malwarebytes website does not leave the option and I can only buy a new license without the discount. How could I buy a secondo license cheaper? Best regards
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