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  1. Oh Wait It is the same thread, the AdwCleaner shows 2 different Threads but it is the same Thread Detail for both threads
  2. https://%66%65%65%64.%68%65%6C%70%65%72%62%61%72.%63%6F%6D/?p=mKO_AwFzXIpYRaHdGKA1VtC1mRJr0-ErRfvnZgV8aMYC2HwSKrksZKwkmjwS4-u2vZVtAD0lsWdxB7uLqhpvwhkq2krqMV-CfIH3mfNYfAdhfQDRAm-80ZtZhyJoOLtsAjEhiegw8DTOCaLt89As4233GNuwZgkLwKuPVX_oE1YNiiNQOy6IDOQd1H5NhE3PG7fj0MJ6 And https://%66%65%65%64.%68%65%6C%70%65%72%62%61%72.%63%6F%6D/?p=mKO_AwFzXIpYRaHdGKA1VtC1mRJr0-ErRfvnZgV8aMYC2HwSKrksZKwkmjwS4-u2vZVtAD0lsWdxB7uLqhpvwhkq2krqMV-CfIH3mfNYfAdhfQDRAm-80ZtZhyJoOLtsAjEhiegw8DTOCaLt89As4233GNuwZgkLwKuPVX_oE1YNiiNQOy6IDOQd1H5NhE3PG7fj0MJ6
  3. Thank you a lot for your help, maybe you know how to delete this two last threads but if not i think i have to reset my pc and dowload eveything again 😕
  4. i will do it when it starts again the Reset Of windows, because My friend helped me and showed me how to delete it , The AdwCleaner is still finding some 2 threats but when he is deleting them and i restartet after an hour he finds the same threads again.
  5. I cant Find the Programm you meaned, sorry. And can you send me a download link from "Fixlist.txt"
  6. I scanned but i think the software found Nothing, i also scanned the file in the registry wich i think is the adwar. here my Logs Addition.txt FRST.txt SearchReg.txt
  7. I cant Open the software, I tried 3 diferent ways to disable Smart Screen Windos Defender but i still cant open it
  8. Or any other Programm that you can help me better, and i really think this file in my Registry editor is the last part of the virus, i deletet over 100 FIles manual and this is the last one where it is not working, if it recreates it self i will destroy the other parts.
  9. Its not in my Quarante, I dont know how to disable it, do you have discord? I really need your help.
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