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  1. This worked great. I clicked Fix in FRST64 and then reinstalled malwarebytes. It immediately showed my account was active, no license key required. I was able to update signatures and run a scan. Thank you very much for the assistance. Attached the logs in case they help you with further cases. fixlist.txt
  2. Bump. I am still unable to validate my license.
  3. I disabled the two Bonjour entries in Autoruns, restarted the computer, and confirmed the entries were still disabled. I installed the newest version of Malwarebytes and attempted to activate my license. Unfortunately, I got the same two error messages.
  4. I am not using a VPN or proxy. Logs are attached. DESKTOP-EGI49CP.zip
  5. Hello When I try to active my license, I get an error: Unable to contact license server. After I click OK, I get another error: There was a problem validating SSL Certificates. I have tried reinstalling MBAM with the clean up tool and I have tried downgrading to an older version, but I still get these errors. Please help.
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