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  1. I feel so dumb for not reading the reviews, yes you have fixed my problem thank you.
  2. Here are the files, I couldn't run farbar before so I did a fresh start with a bootable usb and then downloaded it again and ran it. I don't know if that fixed it since last time I did a factory reset and this problem came back. I don't know if you'll find anything out of the ordinary but i hope you do because there is a chance this problem might come back like last time. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  3. So I got malware from a free movie website (I know my fault) about a week ago and it didn’t let me update my nvidia drivers and I couldn’t open task manager it said something like path or file I didn’t have access to. This is the only thing the malware did, I could still open any application like visual studio or steam. My laptop didn’t seem to be slow except for when trying to open task manager it would pop up the error after like 10 minutes from trying to open task manager. I tried going to properties and went to the security tab to give myself access but it would freeze the security window for a few minutes then said I couldn’t change the permissions and it said access denied. I went into safe mode and task manager opened up fine. After this I did a factory reset through safe mode because I couldn’t do a factory reset normally and I thought that would be the end of it. When it booted back up everything was fine I opened task manager and updated my drivers. I also downloaded malwarebytes so this wouldn’t happen again. Well fast forward to today and the same thing has happened. The weird thing is I only used safe sites and malwarebytes was running scans and it didn’t flag anything. I have no clue how it got on my laptop the second time. I scanned my laptop multiple times and it just can’t find anything. Also when I use properties and go to the security tab it says there is another user the account is something like : unknown account with a whole bunch of numbers and letters. Do you guys know how I can fix this. It was a really expensive laptop and I’ve only had it for a few months. I’ll try to respond to any questions you have.
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