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  1. I'm assuming you mean, Malwarebytes Browser Extension BETA --->then Settings--->then Protection---> and under Protection--->turn off "Enable advertising/tracker protection"? If that's what your saying then as this is a BETA, the next build should include an Allow List for "Enable advertising/tracker protection" and other settings options. We shouldn't have to break the extension to allow safe sites. Thanks for your suggestion but I will just do as I've started doing as in the first Post. Quick temp fix is to Turn Off "Ads/Clickbait" until I fill in the form and send, and then turn on "Ads/Clickbait" again when I'm done. Just a little easier this way as the option is in your face when you click the extension on the Extensions-Bar and doesn't compromise the Extensions full security options.
  2. Sorry should have give proper address and more info, my Bad...again...as my wife laughs at me :).
  3. Malwarebytes Chrome extension, (Ads/Clickbait), blocks Meraki's Webinar registration form. (https://meraki.cisco.com/webinars/signup/"...webinar number and address") Added "meraki.cisco.com/" to Allow list but still won't allow until you turn off Ads/Clickbait. Just annoying and have to remember to turn it back on after registering webinar. Regards, Kevin
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