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  1. Hi Dave, Yes, one more thing: I was wondering if you could talk a bit about defending against KeyLoggers? I was pretty sure that email was a scam but the thing I worried about the most was the threat of a keylogger which would track anything I did to defend against the attack. I don't visit porn sites or download questionable things so I was pretty sure I had avoided a Keylogger, but I was wondering, How would I know for sure? Will Malwarebytes Premium protect me?
  2. David, Yes, I have almost changed all my passwords to new, longer, more complex passwords (UP, LC, #'s, Special Chars and 12 digits) so hopefully that door is closed. I still have a few to check but will be done in the next couple of hours I think. BTW, Am I wrong to think the damage done when companies like Comcast, Experian and other companies with large databases of personal info, is much more damaging to me than me having a password stolen. I would have a hard time finding any company with the ability to do more damage than Experian and while I find the email I received illegal and whoever sent it should go to jail, I suspect Experian and Comcast, etc, did far more damage to me than the email sender. While I have taken steps to protect my passwords and data, I feel like the damage done by Comcast, etc cannot be undone or mitigated. Also, once all that info is in the wrong hands, no amount of Password changing will make up for the SS #'s, mother maiden names, etc will get it off the internet. While I will follow your suggestions, I'm a bit frustrated because of the above. Am I wrong? Thanks
  3. I went to the https://haveibeenpwned.com/ website and am working my way through the various websites that had data breeches. Are you suggesting I check my email further? If so, how? Thanks for spending your time helping me!
  4. Rec'd a email saying they had my password (they showed a partial of a pw I used in the past), and said videos I watched would be made public if I didn't pay him with bitcoins (there are no videos except auto racing). He provide a BC account BTW. So I am pretty sure he's bluffing and the only thing that really worries me is his comment about using a keystroke logger. I have Norton Security Suite, I use Dashlane and bought Malwarebytes today after receiving the email this morning. I think it's a scam - he asked for $751.00 (odd number I think). Do I have any reason to be concerned? Is there anything else I should do?
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