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  1. Forgot to put the System Look file... Sorry for double post. SystemLook.txt
  2. Hello It seems System Look did not find anything, so the KMS thing is probably removed. I have used the Bitdefender uninstaller and Revo Uninstaller Portable and removed everything that I could find that was slightly suspicious to me and restarted. But the boot time is still the same, I just don't get it, its like there is no explanation for it. It just doesn't make sense to me because everything else is working fine and fast. nasdaq, you don't think that it has anything to do with that Virtual Memory weird thing that I mentioned before? (Post #10) I'm just guessing because I'm r
  3. Hello I have checked the topic and I don't think it is the reason since I never had any of those Antiviruses (Sophos, Avast, AVG, McAfee). I also checked my Windows 10 update history and did not find the KB91465 update. Should I have it? When I click "Check For Updates" it seas I'm up to date. Since the new fresh install of Windows 10 I have had only Windows Defender for protection and Malwarebytes-Free Version for additional malware and other stuff protection and cleaning that may slip pass by defender. About two weeks ago I have also installed Total AV, and Bitdefender Antivir
  4. Hello No difference, I tried it before and now again. Boot time is still around 4 minutes...
  5. Hello Thanks for the recommendations. These are the results: 1.Disable Fast Boot. It was always disabled, and that option is not available anymore for me, I noticed it was not there for me since the last Windows update. 2. Adjust Virtual Memory Settings. Now this is weird...Could this be the culprit of slow boot? If I leave it at "System Managed Size" it sets a very low amount of Virtual Memory (1024 MB) and every time I go into the Performance Options>Virtual Memory and click on "Change" I get this pop up window. If I set it to "Automatically manage
  6. Hi SPDIF I am aware about that update and it's problems, and my problem is not related to that. I have been having my boot time issue long before that update, and I didn't even ever used any of those antiviruses. And even on my Win 10 Install (On my other SSD-Kingston A400 240 Gb) that I had from the beginning of last year I had the same slow boot problem. That was actually the main reason why I bought the Samsung M.2 SSD 970 EVO and made a new fresh Win 10 install not even half a year ago...and now its happening again. 😕 Hi nasdaq Here are my latest Farbar files. And th
  7. Okay, here it is. Fixlog.txt During reboot I noticed the boot time is still very long, it lasted about 3 minutes and 50 seconds. And it seems that it gets few seconds longer at each new boot/reboot, either from shutdown or restart, it makes no difference. At the beginning of using it the boot time was 5-10 seconds, and after some time it just started to steadily get longer and longer. I have Samsung M.2 SSD 970EVO for Windows Os, and its not even half a year old, and I have checked it with official "Samsung Magician" software and there are no problems with it. And I
  8. Hello nasdaq! Thank you very much for the advice and for answering. Here are the files needed. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  9. So I have seen similar other topics with same issue, and decided to try to ask you here for help since all the topics I have seen went great. I got a PC that with Windows 10 that was never activated, at one point my PC was borrowed for some time, friend needed It for college. He saw that my win version is not activated and thought he'd be doing me a favor by activating it with pirated software... 😑 And no he did not, I don't care about the activation, at least not now, It is just not needed for me, and if I would need it I would much rather buy the legitimate version instead of having to
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