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  1. I am back. I really do apologize. I threw in the towel. A lot of reasons, but it felt like I just needed to start anew. I removed the old hard drives, installed two new ones, installed a new clean Windows 10 Pro OS, new programs and threw away the old hard drives. Lost a bit, but I felt like I had been raped, so just closing the door and beginning completely new felt right. Malwarebytes is my GO TO. Back running now. Thanks again. I hope i don't have to come back here again. Going to be a whole lot more watchful and careful.
  2. OH, I am sending this from a laptop that I am using during this problem.
  3. I screwed up yesterday and opened a hack inserted from an email. Very professional and from a close business associate. Was in a hurry and didn't look at the email address behind the name. So, when it started, I ran Malwarebytes and it found two Trojan.Q bot files. quarantined. Closed computer and restarted. I noticed a C prompt window for the Powershell.exe and it flashed a red entry and closed. I ran Malwarebytes again and it found 4 files. Quarantined. My computer is hacked for sure. I am pretty sure they have remote control, since I get a message that Microsoft Management Console isn't closed when I shut down the computer. I have lost access to all of the USB ports and cannot find anyway to restart them. I have lost my recent restore points. At this point I have disconnected the computer from the internet router and have copied the main files that I NEED for the business. I was getting ready to just reformat the C drive and install a new windows 10, but I read an earlier forum where someone sounded like they had close to or the same issue. It was pretty intense and complicated, but sounded like you were able to restore the computer without the hackers still having control. I am afraid to open anything online, since I am pretty sure they are grabbing anything they can and I am hoping I caught this quick enough. But, it is pretty likely they have been able to copy files from my computer, at least that is what I am thinking. Would it be best to just take the hit, which is massive since this is a computer I use for a home based business, and do a clean install of a new OS? I will lose a lot, but I will pay that price to get my computer back. Is it likely they have accessed all of the hard drives on the computer also? I have 3 different hard drives. Even when I restart the computer now, without the internet connected, the Powershell.exe C: prompt opens and flashes the red command before closing. I am guessing that means they are running the computer? Not a clue where to go next other than to do a clean install and take the hit for my stupidity.
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