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  1. There were a total of 7 entries from incredibar.com. All others were deleted by adwarecleaner, only one file is left over. i Have just searched the registry again (before a few min.) & deleted incredibar. the adwarecleaner showed me an entry in the scan anyway. The report says its not deleted, but has done the entry in the quarantine. There I deleted the entry. But when i scan it with the adw.clr.again then it shows me the entry again.. now im a little bit confused..cant find it in the registry but the adw.clr.show me that it is stil there.. btw...normally i only use the defender & the adwareclr. But because i had the feeling that there is something not right i installed the spybot..and i was right.. anyone or anything has managed to outsmart the aw.clr. & the malewarebytes.. I skipped a total of 3 versions of adwarecleaner. and did not notice as first. only after the installation of the s.bot i saw this. At time the spybot is uninstalled.
  2. Hello! can anybody tell me how i can remove incredibar.com out my registry? AdwCleaner[C188].txt
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