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  1. Can you provide me with an update once the review is complete?
  2. That file was removed a while ago and does not contain a virus it is due to the obfuscator wr used to use. The executable was packed with confuserX however have changed the protection we use. If I’m honest I don’t like the way anti-viruses call programs a virus that are simply protected with an obfuscator i feel as if this is some what of a scam to make the anti virus appear to detect loads of ‘viruses’ when it’s simpmy not the case as this is industry standard protection for applications.
  3. Thank you for your help I have contacted them now as I was un aware this was the case.
  4. I will contact them immediately Microsoft whitelist’s all of our software on there anti-virus as we connect them every time we compile. I have countless clean submissions from Microsoft they have never once refused to whitelist our software. Could you please provide me with the page which windows smart screen does not like? I will need a specific URL.
  5. We already spoke to Eset and had them remove the false positive.
  6. Actually the site owner doesn’t need to do anything you need to update your anti-virus to stop incorrectly detecting the site. Non of the files on our server contain any malware or trojans what so ever our service has been running for years and not once had a user ever had malware installed on there pc by us.
  7. Please can you white list this site as our customers are having issues downloading the product they asked for. web address.zip
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