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  1. Sorry for the late response I have been away, so I was able to stop those ads from popping up in chrome but now every few days my cursor will randomly drag itself into the bottom left corner of my display and will not let me move it unless I restart my PC. I appreciate all the help so far.
  2. Update: Just had this window pop up in the corner of my screen, I have never had McAfee or any other virus protection so I know this is false. It would not let me take a screenshot of it so I had to take a picture of the screen from my phone(image). I tried to connect to the site that was showing in the pop up to see what it was and it denied my connection(image).
  3. I have just run the Farbar tool again and there is still a 1 instead of a 0. I have not other virus protection installed or active besides windows defender, and my chrome is not synced with any other device. Nothing in the article allowed me to access the virus and threat protection part of windows defender it still will just tell me this(image). I did not have this problem ever until the virus had made its way onto my computer, and even then it still did not immediately do this because I initially was using it to quarantine and delete any processes I saw come up. All my other problems have been solved except for this one. The reason this is such a big problem for me now is that I had to reinstall a program specific to my work that I had to make an exception for on defender before(it recognizes it as a trojan even though it is not), and since I can't access defender to make this exception again, windows will not allow me to use the application and I have no way off allowing it. Any other suggestions on what I could do would be very appreciated, thanks.
  4. Still will not let me get into the defender settings after running that and restarting the PC.
  5. My chrome problem is solved thank you but one last thing, the virus locked me out of my windows defender settings so now I no longer have access to it. Here is a picture showing the problem.
  6. When I click a link in another application on my computer like discord, slack, etc. chrome does not open up the link I click on anymore. I am not sure about the other browsers because I never use them but when I used to open links they would automatically open in chrome and now they do not. The only link I have gotten to automatically open when clicked is gyazo image capture, which is now opening in internet explorer even though it used to open in chrome and chrome is still the default browser. Also the chrome icon is gone, I will attach a picture. Chrome icon gone
  7. I also have just found I am having an issue clicking any links outside of chrome, they just do not open at all when I click on them.
  8. Looks to be all clean thank you very much, only issue I have is that the chrome icon is gone im not sure why but I have reset chrome and it seems to be working fine besides this. Fixlog.txt
  9. I do have access to a spare pc and usb flash drive and I am able to boot into the recovery environment. I will paste the content of the log below and have attached the fixlog.txt file. Fixlog.txt
  10. A few days ago I somehow got a windows process manager virus, It also seems to have done something to my chrome browser. I have been following step by step on this Post which is almost identical to the issue I am having. I have gotten all the way to booting in advanced startup in order to run fixlist.txt on frst64 but I do not have a fix.txt file. I will provide some images of the situation and all the files that might be needed to help fix this. If someone is able to help me with this I would greatly appreciate it. Fixlog.txt FRST.txt Addition.txt mbar-log-2019-04-14 (12-02-16).txt system-log.txt
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