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  1. Thanks. Enjoy the rest of the weekend. G
  2. omg omg omg - it's display name, not registered email address!!! 😔😔😔 I don't believe it, this is so embracing!! With that admitted, in the login logs it doesn't show I put email instead of display name? Also, maybe you should accept also email address there.
  3. Hi guys and thanks a lot for your assistance. 2 of my private computers had g*.tmp.exe issue which was the reason I signed up in the first place. They have been cleaned thanks to the forum. The log in issue occurs also in my work computer both on chrome and ie. OK, I'm now at work (help desk BTW) and I just signed up to a random site and did several sign outs and sign ins without any problem with chrome. I don't believe but Perhaps google password aid is causing this... - I'm signed in to chrome with my google account of course.
  4. I've signed up for malwarebytes forums a week ago. Each time I want to log in my password isn't accepted and I need to reset it in order to gain access to the forums. It occurred with several computers. Please assist me.
  5. Hello nasdaq I'm affraid there has been a confusion, My latest post is regarding another machine, It has been teamed with this thread by mistake by one of your staff member.
  6. g*.tmp.exe entries in task manager and in Temp folder. After deletion they reappear after startup. Thank in advance.
  7. Hello Nasdaq and thank you very much for your assistance I believe that did the trick - no g* process in task manager and files in temp and mbam is able to launch. Few questions if I may: What was it and what is the origin of this? What does it do? Will 'fixlist.txt' be adequate for my other laptop which also runs Win 10? Again, thank so much. Guy Fixlog.txt
  8. Hello there So I have this cr*p on 2 laptop whom I installed andyos on both but I'm not sure this is the origin of g*.tmp.exe. Found threads here regarding this but after installing mbam it doesn't run. Help would greatly appreciated. Guy Addition.txt FRST.txt
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