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  1. I lost everything. Just write down the URL of the websites, and redo your bookmarks over. That's the only way i saw.
  2. I actually found a way for it not to come back. You have to go here https://chrome.google.com/sync then reset google sync, logout of your chrome, and uninstall and reinstall chrome. You will lose all the settings and stuff but It looks like it won't come back.
  3. It keeps on detecting the same things pup.optional.mysearchdial. There is 5 of them that show up. I forgot to say, I have my google sync on. I have attached the MalwareBytes support tool report. mbst-grab-results.zip
  4. Ok sorry about that, thanks for the clarification. Here's the analysis attached. analysis.txt
  5. Attached is the analysis and the mbst-grab-results. mbst-grab-results.zip analysis.txt
  6. Your chrome analyzer is a broken link. You have to fix that.
  7. The chrome analyzer says its unavailable. Also, The only way i saw to get rid of it was not using the google sync anymore and doing another full scan of malwarebytes.
  8. I got google chrome synced up with 3 PCS and 2 android devices. I also get this, I keep removing it, but it keeps coming back. It only shows up on the PC devices and not the android devices. Please any help would be useful.
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