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  1. Started from safe mode, because normally this virus stucked all malwarebytes programmes. In safe mode i haven't got internet, although i turned safe mode with intenet, so i didn't update. Turned system on normally launched this mbar root kit again, it haven't freezed. Downloaded datebase and found some stuff. Then opened the Malwarebytes scanned and found more viruses. I think it's gone Thanks so much for help. Please keep this thread open for a while in case if it occure again
  2. Hi, Yesterday my sister used computer and was installing some stuff. Today i saw some problems with PC, randomly showing pop ups on screen. I knew it must be some malware, Wanted to download Malwarebytes, but my browser stucked, had to close by force :) from another PC downloaded this antyvirus and install, but stucked again i know it's this virus fault. In task manager I see 32-Bit Setup Launcher. I can't get rid out this virus, please check those logs and tell me what should i do. FRST.txt Addition.txt
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