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  1. Wonderful! Perspective ran all day long in fast mode (Computer Speed) configured with over 22,000 photos/wallpaper and no issues. Thanks for the help! -Steve
  2. Hello, I installed the BETA ( and Perspective ran all day long! (Yesterday). I'm continuing to test today...but it looks good so far. What's the scheduled release date for the BETA Version? Thanks, Steve Wehrmann
  3. Hello, I have it in place for my testing. Any update as to this false-positive. Thanks, Steve
  4. Hello, Attached please find the request ArwDetections folder (zipped). -Steve ArwDetections.zip
  5. Hello, Attached is a zipped file containing all of the logs in the folder. -Steve logs.zip
  6. Hello, You need to have several thousand wallpaper photos queued (I test with over 30,000+ images) and set the Schedule to "Computer's Speed - No Delay" and let it run (possibly hours) to recreate the problem. I let it run all day (and night) when testing. If you watch the folder (D:\Documents\My Perspective\Temp) in real-time you will see how Perspective quickly preps the wallpaper images. I don't think MB likes it. Constant reading of source images and writing to a temp folder ... I can't see how the log will help. The ransomware tagging happened on Tuesday and I had to add the folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\Perspective) as an exclusion to test the release. -Steve MBAMSERVICE.LOG
  7. Hello, Here's a zip file containing my installer. I added the installed path as an exclusion so I could test from a user environment. Can't upload or zip the requested log.MBAMSERVICE.LOG PWCInstall.zip
  8. Hello, Thanks for the tip...but my MalwareBytes is always up to date (I code daily). The problem is MB sees my app (Perspective) operating (rapidly) on Wallpaper images (for desktop transitions) and tags it a RansomWare...its not! -Steve
  9. Hello, I was running a new build of Perspective and malwarebytes tagged it as ransomware again...It is digitally signed. Attached is the exported log. Thanks, Steve Wehrmann Perspective-Ransomware-log.txt
  10. Hi, So the new certificate has been whitelisted? It's OK for me to upload the updated installer and files to my server? Thanks!
  11. Hello, I've updated my code signing certificate (2 year renewal) and hope you can check it and whitelist Perspective again. Also, fotoXplorer is really almost done. Some minor fixes and I need to complete (start) the help file. Should I post the Installer for an unfinished product? It really triggers the generic.ransomware issue because it processes multiple images at the same time (multithreaded). Thanks! PWCInstall.zip
  12. Do I need to do something to malwarebytes..clear a cache or simply remove the exclusions and all will be ok? Do you whitelist based on code-signing certificate or product release versions and do I need to resubmit when there is a new build? Also, with regards to fotoXplorer. Can I submit an unreleased software product? Technically, I can't release it until the false positive is address. Note: it's easier to recreate the problem with fotoXplorer because malwarebytes' signatureless (behavioral) detection sees it as ransomware because it can operate on multiple photos at the same time (multi-threaded processing).
  13. What's interesting is that it never detected this until I created an updated build last night. I was editing the help file (while Perspective was running in the background) and all of the sudden I saw the red malwarebyes box asking for a reboot. I added it as an exclusion so I could keep developing. What do you mean by "I remember we have fixed this earlier today already." This is the first time I've posted here. I also have another product "fotoXplorer" not yet released but also generates the same false positive because it uses available threads/cores to process (transform) images. Can I upload it even if it hasn't been officially released (the help file is incomplete)?
  14. Hello, A software product I develop (Perspective for Windows) has suddenly been tagged as Malware.Ransom.Agent.Generic. I'm attaching the digitally signed installer, the exported report and the log file (C:\ProgramData\Malwarebytes\MBAMService\logs). Additionally, here's a link to the virustotal scan results page: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/c89d08c4848f0e0cba194ea6d4a95aa6d6825025a2807d0063f750587dc991c9/detection Thank you for your help. MBAMSERVICE.LOG PWCInstall.zip False Positive - Perspective.txt
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