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  1. Ah, the power of synchronicity :-) So exile360's link https://malwarebytes.box.com/s/4usptr0ghcqoer1z07o1br2yk9g2cbtd and MajorGeeks https://www.majorgeeks.com/mg/getmirror/malwarebytes_anti_malware_2,1.html both point to mbam-setup-, both copies are binary-identical and I find an MD5 of 52F4695C53B02ADA7D648F95F2E2F8B4. It runs on my crusty old XP SP2 machine, great, and even greater, it gives me a green light. So that's sufficient confidence to continue using this machine for its purpose while I discuss upgrade options with the toolset vendor. Thanks everyone, this has been a great forum, and from my pov at least, the thread can close.
  2. Thanks exile360, I will look at MajorGeeks and (if I get anywhere) report back so that this thread comes to a conclusion. And thanks David Lipman, but never fear, this is very definitely a standalone system!
  3. Thanks all for comments. So far, no answer to my (more in hope than expectation) request for "a link to download whatever was the latest version of mbam / mb3 that worked on XP SP2". As to why not just move to SP3: exile360 is spot-on, "proprietary hardware and/or software being used with the machine that requires a specific OS and service pack level which prohibits installing any major updates/making any significant changes (such as installing SP3)". So, I'm running two threads in parallel: (a) talking to the powers that be about the costs/risks/timescales for moving to SP3 and recertifying the toolset, whilst also (b) asking Malwarebytes folks for acess to an obsoleted version. If the answer to (b) is "get lost", or we time out, then (a) becomes the only viable option. But (b) buys me time.
  4. Hi - you may laugh, but I have a machine that is still running Windows XP SP2, and the OS must not be touched (long story to do with tool certification). I found mb3-setup-legacywos-, many thanks for making that available, but it requires SP3. So at present the only version of Malwarebytes that I can run is mbam-setup-, from mid-2015. So my question is: please could you provide a link to download whatever was the latest version of mbam / mb3 that worked on XP SP2? Just hoping. Thanks.
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