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  1. On version - The Exploit Protection feature causes hangs and crashes of my Microsoft Office 2016 programs either when starting the program or randomly during usage. Once I turn protection off for these programs the crashing stops. I noticed that a related known issue is listed here toward the bottom of the page (Websense exploit). Is this the same known issue or something new?


  2. While I think it is great that you care to help, the fact is that browser statistics can be very misleading and using another site's breakdown probably will not reflect the audience of this particular forum. A couple of others for comparison:



    It would have also been nice if Ars Technica would have provided how they were breaking their stats down as that's the highest amount of IE use I've seen yet.


    The point is, don't immediately trust other's fancy graphs, tables and breakdowns like that. As a web developer myself, I never rely on other's statistics. I run my own analytics, I can assume the developers of this board are aptly equipped with even better statistics of their user breakdown. :)

  3. Hello, I would just like to report on some bugs I've noticed with MBAM 2.0.1. I am aware of the upcoming bug-fix version but would like to see if any of these are known.


    #1: After doing a System Restore, Malicious Website Protection module ceases to function. It cannot be successfully re-enabled or "fixed" by MBAM even after a reboot. It will always be reported as disabled. I've needed to reinstall MBAM after performing system restores to get it working again. This has happened for all system restores I have done so it is easily reproducible on my system.


    #2: I have set an automatic schedule for a Scan once a week. After setting up the task, after an indeterminate period of time passes or after a couple of regular reboots, if I go back into the automatic scheduling settings MBAM will report in the frequency of the scan as "Repeats once every 0 weeks" instead of what it was actually set to. I haven't seen yet if this actually will prevent the schedule from operating correctly.


    #3: If an Access Policy is set to block changes to settings but you close the GUI when in any of the settings areas, since re-opening MBAM will place you where you left off, you will be able to bypass the access policy restriction for whatever page it is on and apply changes. The same is true for the History tab as well. I would make the suggestion to always return you to the Dashboard when the GUI is re-opened.

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