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  1. Thanks for the reply, but I just fixed the problem this morning! I have installed a couple of apps a while back but was unsure if they were the cause. Rather than do wholesale uniinstalls, I read about this technique: As soon as you notice an unwanted full screen ad popup... 1. Go to Play Store on the phone. 2. Click the 3bar Menu icon at the top of screeen. 3. Select "My Apps & Games" 4. Select "Installed" 5. Select "Last Used" on the sort sub-menu. Notice which app has been started in the last few seconds or minutes. This will probably be the one that i
  2. I have a Galaxy S5 and have had Uber on it for years. I tried installing Lyft a month ago, but had problems, so I de-installed it. Yesterday I started getting full screen ads for both Uber and Lyft appearing in a window that says "Sponsored" in the title. I ran Malwarebytes and it says no issues! I've reviewed my list of applications and nothing appears to be new or strange. Any ideas?
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