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  1. Hi, Thanks for getting back to me regarding my issue, I don't suppose you have a rough time frame for the fix to this as I'm having to switch off the notifications to stop this happening as it was driving me nuts. Many Thanks.
  2. Hi, I'm assuming that you installed yours via the Google Playstore to which if so then you need to check in the settings under my apps and games to make sure all your apps are upto date if there are then yours should be the same version as mine, I'd suggest uninstalling and reinstalling of the app. Hope this helps. 👍 Let me know how you get on. 👍
  3. Good morning all, V3.6.1.3 This has been driving me mad for for the past couple of days and to be honest this has been happening since you removed the Call Protection feature, I am constantly getting the Onedrive and Cloudgateway notifications popping up, as soon as I remove them they come back again and again Hmmm. Version was never a problem but after that removal of the call protection that's when these issues started happening, I'm starting to think that this is a Bug within the software releases, I had stopped using Malwarebytes a while back because of this but I th
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