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  1. original tech has responded that it was the files location (root) and not it's contents that triggered the alert.
  2. Sorry, I did not know as I am new to this product and new to this forum. I was acting on an email from another tech who just said "upload the file to our research forum, they can work on this". They also gave the link "https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1087" which did not say anything about a log file. It was just instructions to join the forum, zip the file and post it. The instruction about making the log file do not seem to apply for our version. The first step shows "Type in "mbam.exe /developer", without the quotes". The file mbam.exe does not seem to be on the computer. I looked with both file explorer and the command dir c:\mbam.exe /s" in a command window.
  3. This is a script file we created to use. Malwarebytes incorrectly IDs it as bad and quarantines it. I am uploading a zipped copy here per instructions of a tech. All it does is set a path variable, change directory and launch a valid app. It was created because RDP would not run the app just by itself. But if you run the script via RDP, it works. fas.zip
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