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  1. Thanks for that - most helpful. I had no idea browsing data was being captured, nobody needs that! It has been removed and I will await a similar one to help trace those extra tentacles of file paths that get installed. Trend Micro I thought was a trusted brand I have used their Anti Virus in the past. Cheers, Jon
  2. Hi there, I'm new to this but I can't find an answer to this or anything similar, sorry. I liked and used Trend Micro's Dr Cleaner - it is free, minimal resources and lets you know what it is doing, freeing up memory and disc space on the fly on software removal (something I do a lot as I try random bits of software and find out it doesn't do what you have been led to believe it will do!) but Apple decided that Trends reporting your usage back to Trend violated privacy rules Apple banned it. It now has been removed from the Apple store but I still have a copy but Malwarebytes has found it and keeps putting it in quarantine. My question is is there any way to ask/tell Malwarebytes to ignore this application? Unless you feel it's a much worse threat than I'm aware of and I will abide by the advice of Apple and Malwarebytes.
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