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  1. Thank You. I just wanted to check.
  2. I received the following email this morning. Malwarebytes is and has been running in the background and I did a scan this morning no threats showed up. What should I do if anything? (FYI I don't use a camera or microphone.) I can send the email if you like. Thanks Hello! I am a hacker who has access to your operating system. I also have full access to your account. I've been watching you for a few months now. The fact is that you were infected with malware through an adult site that you visited. If you are not familiar with this, I will explain. Trojan Virus gives me full access and control over a computer or other device. This means that I can see everything on your screen, turn on the camera and microphone, but you do not know about it.
  3. Yesterday after I followed your steps and rebooted the computer worked fine. This morning I saw your email, installed Kaspersky, and the scan found nothing. It still seems to be working fine. Thank You for the help.
  4. MWB Scan 4-25-19.txtAdwCleaner[C00].txt These are the logs from MWB and ADW. MWB again found no threats and ADW found a bunch. I am attempting to run FRST now.
  5. I believe my computer is infected. I tried running the Premium version of MWB several times and it didn't find any threats. I followed the directions for downloading Farbar recovery tool and get a warning that appears to be part of the infection. I've included screenshot and a screenshot of a new icon appearing on my desktop. I did not want to go any further without posting here. I have not installed Farbar and I've not sure I can. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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