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  1. Well I’ll be! I uninstalled and then reinstalled MacAfee what LiveSafe and now everything works. Thank you so much!
  2. Well I hear you.... but it didn't solve the problem. As soon as I re-install Malwarebytes the problem recurs. I've only seen this with this one video driver.
  3. https://we.tl/t-DLGAhoBgPT This should be the zipped MEMORY.dmp file. Good luck!!
  4. ...and here's the file you requested. Please let me know how else I can be helpful. And how else I can continue to use Malwarebytes with this video hardware. I have to uninstall Malwarebytes now so I can use Outlook. I found the MEMORY.dmp file... thanks. Where would you like me to upload (please specify). Thanks! mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. Ok. First, they started occurring a couple of weeks ago. I may have updated either Malwarebytes or the Intel Graphics 4600 driver. The action that triggers them is opening Outlook 365. When I do that, Outlook opens to my email and then almost immediately the blue screen happens. The message I see is "IRQL not_less_or_equal". To fix this I wound up uninstalled Malwarebytes, so I don't know what version I had. But I reinstalled Malwarebytes yesterday and the problem reappeared. I don't know how to show %systemdrive%\MEMORY.dmp. I have hidden files and folders checked, but I don't s
  6. In two cases now I've had to remove Malwarebytes Premium to avoid blue-screen crashes on computers running Intel HD Graphics 4600. Any ideas?
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