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  1. Hi, followed your instructions and it gets not detected anymore 🙂. Whether it was the HubbleCache or the new 1.0.10048 package --- it's fine now, thanks. Should one delete HubbleCache from time to time just to be safe from false-positives or -negatives?
  2. bfe-fw-fix.exe: According to Avira a fix for Microsoft Base Filtering Engine. MalwareBytes marks it as "Generic.Malware/Suspicious". Is this a false positive, or a real malware that somehow got on avira website? Avira description/instructions for use: https://www.avira.com/en/support-for-business-knowledgebase-detail?kbid=1695 https://answers.avira.com/de/question/warum-ist-mein-avira-antivirus-emailschutz-und-webschutz-inaktiv-14137 https://www.avira.com/zh-tw/support-for-business-knowledgebase-detail?kbid=1695 Download URL: https://www.avira.com/files/support/FAQ_KB_Download_Files/common/bfe-fw-fix.zip bfe-fw-fix.zip Scanlog.txt
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