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  1. Thanks for the inquiry Maurice. I think I am 99% sure I have removed it and all traces. Here is what I did: 1 Performed an image of the "problem drive". 2. Searched for a previous image I had done that did not have the problem. That turned out to be one from November 19 1903 18352.418. Restored that image and then had to proceed to bring it up to date all the way thru to 1909 18363.535. All the time checking/scanning/sfc /scannow. Webrec was not there on the cleaned up drive :-). Rebuilding some of the apps up to current versions. I have a licensed copy of Malwarebytes wherein I had to de-activate it on the problem drive and then re-activate it on the new drive etc. All the apps were "begging" to be updated. I did so even though it was a long process: 3. Satisfied with the updated drive, I now switched back to the "problem drive" with the intent that I would find it or possible render it useless. First I did a regedit and found the file "Webrec" was scattered all over the registery. :-(. I know better than to just start deleting those entries). Windows search function is very slow and not reliable. So I found this app called "Everything" that in my opinion is blazing fast and checks everything on the drives. I found 4 instances of the file "Webrec", 2 were in plain type text entries and 2 were in what appeared to be a hiden? registry type file. (bunches of numbers and letters). From within "Everything" it allows you to open the file as well as delete it. I did one at a time, then rebooted and continued on. One of the registery type file I deleted, Everything asked me if I wanted to delete this "shortcut" and not "this file" as previously requested. Ahh-Ha, shortcut?? deleted it and the entry on the apps list was no longer there! Not sure how the author created a short cut and have it appear on the list of apps??. All 4 entries were no longer showing when I searched for it! 4. After all scans were completed, Esat, MWB etc, Health checks etc. seems to be back to normal. So the plan is to image the "cleaned up" drive, keep it on hand in the event I have to look for a needed file/email etc and then format it and put it back into service. It has been a long time getting back to normal since at least when I first posted 12.17.19. Thanks to your guidance and help, much appreciated. Mike.
  2. Thank you for the Windows Defender Offline scan option. It ran for 14 minutes and then closed. No issues noted? Computer restarted back to normal. As previously noted, virustotal results only had one "engine" noting this as Adware? C:\program files (x86)\webrec\p2pclient\\p2pserver.exe I am proposing to first make an image backup with Macrium and then go and just delete this .exe file? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Thanks for continuing to help me with this. !!
  3. Here is the result ofesetscan2.txtesetscan2.txt the esat scan, no infections.
  4. There is an installed program named WebClient (HKLM-x32\...\WebClient) (Version: - ) It is required as part of a NVR (camera security network, that only works with IE) It works on several other computers without issue. They do not show the P2PSurveilance on the App list. ESAT underway, will post any negative results. (¬‿¬) Link: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/1e2cfe8a9be0ea375ca38802bc7d2b3166625f6b3fac2f7c395b9fa77ef108c1/detection
  5. Q: Did you ( carefully ) right click on these 2 things and then select and look at Properties ? These files only appear on the list of apps, no where else. Right click shows no properties. Q: what is the extension of those ? No properties, to view extensions I did find this in additional.txt "files (x86)\webrec\p2pclient\\p2pserver.exe] => (Allow) C:\program files (x86)\webrec\p2pclient\\p2pserver.exe () [File not signed]" Addition.txtFRST.txt
  6. HI Maurice. Will be doing this tonight and respond to you with the data then. Tx
  7. MWB Prem 4. This app suddenly appeared in my app folder W10 Pro. The remove function is just a link to, most likely, the outfit that put it there to sell you a fix. MWB does not detect it even though is is supposed to be a known malware, of the Sality variety. The only mention of it in the forum is dated 2016 which was closed without a solution. Removal tools all direct you to a list for removal that does not have it listed. Does not appear in the apps folder. Notice the different spelling!
  8. MWB works as is, so I think I will wait a week or so and see if MWB can straighten out the sync problem? I see others have the same problem "...something has gone wrong"... Tx for response.
  9. I updated my premium version 3 to version 4 today without any issue until I selected "My Account". It took me to the web account page and was showing the previous license and noting that it had expired. I have 42 days remaining on my present license and have registered that 10+ months ago. Using the same account as always and do not know how things like this happened? I have no idea on how to get it back in sync. Tried the MWB tool without any errors noted. Have re-installed it 3x with the same result. My present key carries over as it should.
  10. Thank you!!! That is what I wanted to hear. 😊
  11. Yes, but the question is can I upgrade my premium license to version 7 without loss of license Tx
  12. I have MB Premium version, can I "upgrade" to version 7 without the loss of license.? Tx
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