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  1. There was no value. This may have been the result of several notepad alternatives I tried long ago, then uninstalled (Atom, notepad++, and maybe one or 2 others). I deleted the keys (but kept a backup in case something else breaks). Thanks, plkx
  2. Thanks for the update. Notepad.exe in the system32 directory always opens from a command prompt, since system32 is in the windows PATH. So, this situation could arise from using a notepad alternative and having it substituted for the default notepad.exe in the system32 directory? Thanks, plkx
  3. Update: Ran SFC - no problems detected. CHKDSK found a few things to fix. Updated MB, then rescanned. Same results (report attached). plkx fpreport_notepad_postUpdate.zip
  4. Attached are the relevant reports. Noticed that Win 10 PC that had not been used in the past 8 hours was now showing log in screen rather than screensaver. After logging in, MB was open, with scanner window showing 2 items quarantined - notepad.exe. In the scan log, a scan completed just 12 minutes earlier showed no problems. Both reports are in the attached zip file. I am still in early stages of investigating this issue, but checking here to see if others are having the same issue. From event viewer I noticed this at 16:14 (coinciding with log in screen):The pro
  5. I have been having problems with MBAM for 2+ weeks now, on Windows 10. I've been an MBAM user for many years (~10) and have never encountered anything like this problem. The problem: Disabled real-time protection which cannot be re-enabled occurs when Malwarebytes is set to autostart when Windows boots. Self-protection, early start, and delays (up to 60 seconds) have no effect. Sometimes, 2 of the 4 real-time protections are disabled, but not necessarily the same ones between MBAM installs. Most recently, all 4 real-time protections are disabled. Malwarebytes will not even launc
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