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  1. Thank you for your reply and help the computer is working fine, I done the steps you advised it should be fixed now ? Fixlog.txt
  2. to add, I was hit by some sort of malware one of the kids installed lots of programs , I got through safe mode , uninstalled all I believe, deleted from windows files, malwarebytes wouldn't work untill gone on safe mode, run malwarebytes removed alot of malware now malwarebytes scan have no threats only i get this message every now and then about the virus trying to connect please find the first 3 reports before it clears out now report 1.txt report.txt report2.txt
  3. Hello, my first post on this forum I receive errors from Malwarebytes stating that something trying to access this website, I saw old post asking for logs from First scan, please find them attached looking forward for next steps. Thank you Addition.txt FRST.txt
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