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  1. Hi Maurice, OK, done ..... I've opened it - updated it. I'm now doing a scan with the root kit turned on and it's running now. I'll check it when it's finished. As for that program called Adwcleaner- when you say it checks for pre-installed apps on systems. I think I'm probably OK there, I custom built the PC and installed the OS from scratch so there should be no bloatware on the system. Do you think I should still install and run it anyway? Cheers' Dave
  2. OK, well it's been reinstalled and I think its all behaving now ...... We'll see I guess, here is a copy of the logs ....... Thanks for all your help BTW !! Cheers' Dave mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Hey Maurice, Hummm, so do you think the browser hijack was the thing that toggled off the "Malware Protection = ON" part of the program? Also do you think that this browser hijack software also kept the program from launching? I re-ran the repair tool and it's reinstalled the current 4.0.4 program and it's now scanning away. I'll let you know what it finds. Cheers' Dave
  4. Hi Again Maurice, OK, I bounced the machine but again without asking, it started up doing stuff again and wanted to update my malwarebytes program. I stopped it and I'm now letting this FRSTEnglish thing run trying to get you the logs ...... it finished and now I'm getting a text box saying: - Gather Logs - mbst-grab-results.zip can be found on your desktop. Please provide this file to Malwarebytes Support so here it is !! Cheers' Dave mbst-grab-results.zip
  5. Hey Maurice ! How's it going? OK, will do .... I D/L the app/patch and ran it. It did the scan for issues, saved some settings, updated software, and it says it finished the repair process. And NO I didn't click it - it ran during the install process ....... I have tried to restart the program several times and it won't run ...... I'm gonna let the McAfee finish scanning, it's at 79% and it's been running a full scan since last night. I have both McAfeee and Malwarebytes on the PC. It's a Dell T7400 workstation, duel xeon E5440, 2.83Ghz, 8 cores, 32Gig of DDR2. Once I bounce the PC and get it back up I'll click the advanced button lower down and grab the logs for you! Cheers' Dave
  6. Hi Gang, Got home and the PC BSOD'ed on me - restarted and my Malwarebytes system had the MALWARE portion of the task bar icon selected to OFF. I sure as hell didn't turn it off ...... so I got it going again and all 4 are now ON. - Web Pro - Mal Pro - Ransomware Pro - Exploit Pro They're all on BUT for whatever reason I can't get the bloody program to open or launch ! I click on it, fart around, try it from the start menu to launch, and the program interface will NOT come up. The only options I have with the task bar are the usual: check for updates - toggle on and off the 4 options and then hide or quit the program. Why won't the little sod open and run - I can't run the software to do a scan if I can't get the console up can I? ANY help or suggestions are welcome !! Cheers' Dave
  7. Hi Ron, Meh, that why god made backups huh !? (grin) Anyway if I HAD my copy of Malwarebyte's running on the PC would or could it have stopped it or does it not work on Phobos? I don't even have a clue how I got it on the PC?!? How does it get there? Cheers' Dave
  8. Hi, I have malwarebytes installed but it was off and my PC just got smoked by PHOBOS ...... So it won't boot and I'm looking at the drive in DOS in Win 7 Ultimate in recovery mode and the directory structure is fine but all the files are encrypted of course ....... I'll just reinstall when I can but can I pull the drive and toss it on another PC and then run an un-encryptor on the drive to get some files back? Will Malwarebytes do that or do i have to buy some mystery Phobos fixer off the web like SpyHunter 5 or something like that ? If so what product is the best one to get? Cheers' Dave
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