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  1. Those were from Antivirussales; the problem with these are from Cleverbridge.
  2. Key generators will eventually generate your license keys multiple times. When that happens, and multiple copies of them are used simultenously, your licenses will get blacklisted by Malwarebyte Inc's system. 5 OUT OF 11 OF MY LIFETIME LICENSES HAVE BEEN "CANCELED" (I.E. BLACKLISTED) as stated on my My Malwarebytes account, despite I have NEVER used those licenses after all these years (as of 2014/2015) I've bought them, and only kept copies of the licenses on offline encrypted storage (so I'm sure that no one has seen them besides I). Mind you: the licenses are all purchased through Cleverbridge. So I'd be very interested in the cop-out reason they'll give this time. But seeing as 'they can't (translation: won't) generate new licenses' (as customer support said to me last May). my investment into Malwarebytes Inc's product will eventually evaporate, despite I've in actuality only used 10% of what I've bought from them. I wouldn't be surprised if this was their plan all along, that when the sale of lifetime licenses were about to end in 2014, they wanted to make a quick buck off of consumers that thought they'd still could get an actual lifetime deal, as RubberDucky stated that his company was going to honor the licenses, while in hindsight it wouldn't sound all surprising that they knew all lifetime licenses sold then, would sooner or later get blacklisted due to piracy anyway, at which they can pretend that they can't do anything about it and the fault lies at the user per usual (despite it's actually their sh*tty implementation of a license verification system and licensing model that's vulnerable as fk). I've asked Malwarebytes Inc in the past to step away from this ancient activation model, and instead migrate to one where a user just signs into the application with his malwarebytes account, rather than has to juggle keys. Keyless activation should be the norm by now. This isn't 2005 anymore. But for Malwarebytes Inc this system is convenient, as it gives them an opportunity to get rid of the lifetime licensees without going against their word. I mean they've directly shown that they regret offering lifetime licenses, as you can only use your lifetime licenses for the Windows version of Malwarebytes, and not the Android and Mac one as well.
  3. Back then I had asked Malwarebytes support multiple times when I bought so as well years ago. The answers then were always either a 'don't know', or 'we're looking into it (without a follow-up)'. Otherwise I would've immediately requested a refund via PayPal.
  4. Thank you for getting back to me. Yes someone is handling my ticket. The vendor (antivirussales.com) I bought the licenses from back in 2014 was and is apparently 'not on the list of authorized resellers'. I'm kind of pissed off about that, as they were expensive purchases for me, and the vendor looked quite legitimate and still does because the vendor is still selling your stuff. I sort of understand your policy of not supporting customers that have bought licenses through unofficial channels, but then again I don't really, as the licenses are obtained via a legal way, otherwise they shouldn't be working in the first place. Not to mention that in general it's not uncommon for companies to still honor the customer (e.g. I've purchased my Windows 10 licenses through unofficial resellers, yet if I need help reactivating, Microsoft support still helps me, as long as the key isn't a fake).
  5. By the way: Malwarebytes installing the extension is certainly possible, because when I install Internet Download Manager, it does exactly that: installing its companion extension as well.
  6. I agree also that such a quality of life feature would be nice to have. But after using the extension for a month I think that the extension needs more polish and offer more granular control to be reliable enough. For example on www.bol.com, the scam protection breaks the site. I then add the site to the whitelist, but 1- I don't want to add the whole site to the whitelist, but just the problematic component (like people can with uBlock Origin), 2- adding the site to the whitelist didn't prevent scam protection from breaking the site, and I don't know why because the extension doesn't tell me what it has exactly blocked (i.e. so that I can't know that shouldn't be adding bol.com to the whitelist, but instead the domain of an underlying cdn or something).
  7. I've sent license details twice to ticket 2574275, but I've yet to see a response. Did they got marked as spam or something, because I added a couple of attachments to the mails? The weekend is approaching. Is there someone that could poke support to get this issue done?
  8. On the MBE's icon I can see the number of things that are blocked, but not exactly what is blocked. Is there a feature planned that displays what is being blocked? And is there also a feature planned that allows the user to block or whitelist stuff on a per item bases (like uBlock offers), rather than whitelisting a whole domain? And do you intend to in the future add the ability for users to add filter lists, or perhaps go the other way around and opensource your filter lists to be used in other blockers like uBlock Origin?
  9. https://www.bol.com/ was a mess, and it appeared that the culprit is MBE's Scam Protection (I excluded all other blocking options of MBE as well as any other extensions). I then added the site to the Allow List for malware/scams, but the site is still a jumbled mess when Scam Protection is enabled.
  10. I propose a new activation system, a licenseless system if you will, for all Malwarebytes products to replace the old license activation system. Why? Because licenses are cumbersome to manage (even with the excellent My Malwarebytes management portal), and can be copied and activated without consent. The license system also doesn't have the option to use 2FA to prevent unapproved activations. A licenseless system would also make piracy somewhat more difficult and more risky, because it would kill off keygens, so that pirates would have to take other routes that involve modifying the Malwarebytes applications, potentially installing malware on their systems, which is a big scare factor. The new activation system should enable users to sign in with their My Malwarebytes account within the Malwarebytes applications, rather than entering a license key. Then the owner of the account could see on my.malwarebytes.com how many device activation slots are taken of the total slots eligible for his account, rather than keeping track of the individual licenses that are free or occupied. Though to note: with the above there has still to be made a distinction between lifetime and regular subscriptions, but that would be trivial to implement with a bit of creativity. Like N of N available for lifetime subscriptions, and N of N available for regular subscriptions. Then when activating within a Malwarebytes application, the account holder can select whether to apply a lifetime subscription or regular one, if the account holder has got both types of subscriptions. Also within the Malwarebytes applications the user should be able to activate by either entering username + password + TOTP/U2F/FIDO2 (like how Dashlane offers TOTP or U2F for their locally installed password manager), or by signing in with their Google account that's bound to their My Malwarebytes. In addition to this, users should be able to set a 2FA option on their my.malwarebytes.com account, if they don't use Sign in with Google (currently there's no 2FA option on my.malwarebytes.com, yet there is for this forum). This to homogenize the signing of my.malwarebytes.com and the applications. Lastly, users should receive email notifications when a Malwarebytes install has been activated to premium, as well as the device name on which it has been, and the IP address it has been done on.
  11. My ticket was picked up by support on the 2nd of April. I was asked to send over account details and stuff, which I've done. 3 Days have passed since the last correspondence, and I've yet to receive a follow-up reply. Yesterday I had sent another reply asking for a follow-up, but I've yet to receive a reply still. It's almost weekend, but I don't want to wait until next week to continue and get this over with. Is there any chance you could contact support to resolve this ticket today?
  12. I've created a support ticket, but no one has replied. My ticket is 2574275. Could someone here look into it?
  13. First Google banned adblockers from its store, then it turned against root apps like Magisk, now Google is limiting access to SMS, and in the near future Google is going to kill background services that can start a foreground service (such as applocker apps). The answers to all these restrictions: host outside the Play Store, and embrace users with root. Is there the option for Malwarebytes Inc to host a premium version of the Android app outside the Play Store? It would open the door for more features for the app, especially for rooted devices. Currently I'm going to use AdGuard (who's AdGuard for Android also being an app hosted outside the Play Store) for system wide adblocking (with root so I can use proxy mode, so I don't have to give up my VPN), but despite they're well known in the Android adblocking community, they're still a relatively vague Russian company with also a closed source code. If I hypothetically speaking had the choice, I'd opt for Malwarebytes if you'd offer an equal adblocker. In addition I'd also very much want SMS link checking back. Just a few days ago I read this article of malware spreading through good ol' SMS. It wouldn't affect me, but I know plenty people who will click on stuff they don't know (mostly the elderly, mentally handicapped, and children). It would give me some peace of mind back again if Malwarebytes prevents them for harming themselves in this way.
  14. What "version"? They look like they're the same. Which they should, as such third party app stores usually use the Play Store as their source. If you want the app, just download & install from the Play Store, or at least through Yalp or Raccoon if you want to avoid Google at all costs.
  15. I've read that Malwarebytes licenses are bound to the email address that which you've purchased them with. But I've changed email accounts, and I would like to take the licenses with me to my new account. Both old and new email addresses are already in use for Malwarebytes accounts. Can I transfer the licenses between them myself? And if so, how? Or do I have to ask for assistance from a Malwarebytes official? Also I've got a few licenses that I had purchased with a third party vendor (not an eBay one, but a registered vendor). Is it safe for me to try and add those licenses to My Account? Side question: if a malicious person somehow copies my lifetime license keys, but my license keys are bound to my account, can Malwarebytes replace them? And can Malwarebytes replace them with new lifetime license keys? I'm asking because being logged into my customer account on that third party vendor's website, I can view my license keys. They do this for the customer's convenience, but there's no way to remove the keys from their site. So if either my login credentials ever leak, or their site gets breached, the intruder can steal my keys. Side note: also thank you very extremely much for keeping a database of email addresses used to purchased licenses on your store!!! I've bought many licenses in 2014, and have been using Malwarebytes up until mid 2018 when I had lost all my Malwarebytes keys due to a chain of unfortunate events, in addition to that I hadn't gotten around to making a proper off-site backup of all my stuff prior to that. From mid 2018 up until a few hours ago, I had thought that in all that time, I had lost my precious keys for good. Now I had to create a Malwarebytes account for someone else, logged in with the same email he had purchased his licenses with, and by magic the licenses were already displayed on his account. So then I did the same with my email, and voila: there they are. I can't thank you enough for having the foresight back then to do good housekeeping and diligently save all purchase records so well, to now having the insight to leverage those records for the benefit of old customers when setting up a fresh account.
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